Micro P-711 Refrigerator Main Power Control Circuit Board Fit For Dometic 2 Or 3 Way RV Parts, Replace For Dometic Micro P711

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  • APPLICATION: The micro p-711 control board is used in 2-way, 3-way, AMES, AES, adjustable-temperature, and fixed-temp. Compatible with Dometic refrigerators following models: S1521, S1531, S1621, S1631, S1821, S1831; RM2554, RM2607, RM2611, RM2612, RM2620, RM2652, RM2807, RM2811, RM2812, RM2820, RM2825, RM3607, RM3662, RM3663, RM3807, RM3862, RM3863, RM4872, RM4873, RM7030, RM7732, RM7832; NDR1062, NDR1272, NDR1282, NDR1492.
  • FUNCTION: The P711 control board has all the OEM control board functions and also features temperature adjustment that allows you to fine-tune the temperature of units equipped with a temp selector. This board has an improved thermocouple circuit to eliminate the "Recurring check light" problem and it keeps the refrigerator operating if the eyebrow board or communication link fails to keep food safe and cool.
  • FEATURES: The improved thermocouple circuit has connections for both thermocouple leads, to eliminate ground bounce problems. Fuse protected on the 120 VAC circuit, 12 VDC supply, and the DC element.
  • REPLACEMENT KIT: The micro P-711 control board replaces any black box board part number that starts with "293", and replaces 2931842.01, 2931842.02, 2931842.03, 2931842.04, 2931843.01, 2931843.02, 2931843.03, 2931843.04, 2932691.017, 2932177.01, 2932695.01, 2932770.01, 2932881.01, 2932881.01, and The Micro P-711 can't replace any Black Box Board part number that starts with "385"!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee--100% satisfaction guarantee. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product. And the micro P-711 control board is made of quality material, providing a long service time.


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