RV Air AC Filter - Replacement Parts for Camper Accessories, Travel Trailer Air Conditioners, MERV 6, Durable, Dust-Free and Cleaner Air, Easy to Install, Ideal for Camping, 4 Filters 125G 6"x16.5"

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  • PRECISELY FIT: Our filters are specially designed to fit RV air conditioning units. These 6" x 16.5" filters are precisely cut with a thickness of 0.75" and fit both non-ducted and ducted grill assemblies. The green side faces the roof, providing easy installation for premium filtration.
  • SUPERIOR FILTRATION: RV Air filters feature 40 layers of unwoven polyester, each sprayed with a tackifier to capture small particles to help families breathe easier during their travels. Thus, we've received a MERV 6 rating.
  • OPTIMIZED FOR NIGHT-TIME USE: This filter is great for nighttime use because it helps reduce noise from the air conditioning unit. It's our goal to provide you with a quieter and more restful sleep while capturing pollen, dust, and pet dander before they enter your RV.
  • MAINTENANCE VALUE: Cut down your service spending with our RV AC filter pack. Since each filter is easy to replace, you can do it yourself and avoid hiring professionals. This makes our filter pack a good value for standard upkeep.
  • FOR SUMMER TRAVELS: Dust and debris are at their highest levels during the summertime. It ensures that your AC unit runs smoothly, providing clean and fresh air throughout all your journeys, vacations, and trips.


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