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Ball-and-Socket Actuator

The game-changing, patent-pending center point of Delta Force. Rotated 90° the actuator folds neatly to the side for storage. When securing the pedal clamp this design allows unheard of freedom of movement. Irregular floorboards are no longer a problem: even those with offset transmission tunnels no other systems can accommodate. Because the actuator is open from the top, the user can maintain a natural, comfortable position above the system during the simplified setup procedures. Tall boxes obscure the pedal due to height and proximity to the dash, requiring a kneeling or "reach-around" position. During activation the patent-pending design allows the actuator to be self-adjusting and non-binding.

Cable Tether

Let's face it. Time has proven that pushing on the seat is not the best idea. Upholstery and foam damage / wear, the inconvenience of constantly moving the seat back-and-forth, and the fact that the soft nature of the seat creates inconsistent braking effort. Floor and seat brackets are better, but don't always fit and frequently require customization; not to mention the fact that they can be unsightly. The tether system is SBS's revolutionary solution to this problem that has gone un-addressed for decades. Delta Force has a simplified tether system that installs with just three self-drilling screw. Setup is as simple as clipping the stainless-steel carabiner to the actuator. This design also keeps the entire burden of force on the actuator. Not only is this more efficient, it also reduces wear on other components and tucks neatly under the floor mat when not in use.

Set-It-Once Pedal Clamp

A good pedal clamp can be your best friend, but a bad one can be your worst enemy: pinched fingers, slipping off, wrestling, pulling, jerking, pushing. The Set-It-Once could well be your favorite part of Delta's rich list of patent-pending innovations. Just like the name says, loosen the knob, set it once for the towed's pedal. That's it until you change towed vehicles! No springs or wrestling, we promise. The clamp engages and releases automatically by pushing down or lifting up on the actuator. Made of powder-coated, heavy duty, laser cut steel.

Wireless CoachLink™

The motorhomes of today are packed with a wide variety of useful electronics from GPS to satellite radio. As helpful and convenient as such features are, they produce something known as electromagnetic interference (EMI).This has given wireless systems in the braking industry a bad reputation. Delta Force's wireless CoachLink™ is a completely FCC compliant solution developed for and tested in motorhomes, not just a bench. As such, the integrity of the wireless signal is second to none. CoachLink™ monitors the connectivity to towed vehicle, displaying braking effort. It offers visual / audible alerts for fault codes and the breakaway circuit.

Intuitive User Interface

One less thing to think about. Delta Force leads the way in simplicity of operation. Once set in the vehicle, the "Initialize" button is pressed. Delta then begins a series of tests: Integrity of the air-reserve tank, transmitter radio (which also displays low voltage), cylinder air circuit, compressor efficiency, and pedal connection. As each component passes it turns green. After initialization the desired profile may be selected. If extra braking effort is desired, the "Boost" button adds 15% to the selected profile.

Microprocessors are great. In fact, Delta Force has one for many UI functions. The thing about microprocessors is they don't like low or inconsistent voltage. The fact is, if they are in charge of activation, a hangup could cause any number of catastrophic events: such as the brakes locking on or not coming on at all. Delta Force has the only split digital/analog activation circuit, offering the feature-rich benefits of a digital circuit as well as the rock solid reliability of a traditional, analog circuit.

In the end, it all boils down to dual-signal activation, inertia from stopping, and brake lights from the motorhome. Delta Force offers the unique flexibility of running in either inertia-only or dual-signal mode, making it the only portable system with dual-signal activation. Inertia only systems have limitations including a time delay in activation to rule out bumps in the road and other instantaneous inertia events. Such delays are usually less than .5 sec, but at 70 mph that is over 50 feet. Delta Force does have such a buffer in inertia-only mode, but as a unique feature it is automatically bypassed in a panic stop. Brake-light only systems are more archaic and simply activate when the brake lights of coach are illuminated. This takes out the need for a delay, but leaves the user with two options: set it low enough to not over-brake but not have good panic response, or set it high enough for good panic assistance but over brake at lower speeds. In dual-signal mode, Delta Force combines the best of both worlds. Inertia-based, proportional braking with a brake-light override.


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